At Arteel,
Employee Experience is our business.

We help our clients to build engagement and a great culture. And we always start with ourselves by implementing our philosophy and concepts before bringing it to the market.
When you’re one of us, we treat you as our greatest asset.
We show appreciation.
We reward your achievements. We help you grow.

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We live our values – We go the extra smile


  • We always try to understand the essence
  • We continuously improve our processes
  • We deal directly and openly with people and issues
  • We always try to improve ourselves
  • We want to grow in knowledge and overcome our blind spots
  • We help each other to become more effective at work
  • We use our collective creativity to find the best solutions
  • We take actions improve efficiency or tackle major issues
  • We take responsibility for what we do and how we do it
  • We respect and appreciate colleagues and clients
  • We help each other to reach goals and deliver value to our clients
  • We pay attention to the wellbeing of others and ourselves
  • We deliver great service
  • We exceed expectations
  • We strive for emotional impact

Your health and wellness is a top priority for us


Just a few reasons why you’ll love Arteel


We hire passionate people


Top 26 reasons to work @ Arteel

  1. We know what it takes to create positive workplace culture – we do it here every day!
  2. You don’t just come to work at Arteel. You help change the world of work for the better. After all, we assist companies to make their people thrive!
  3. Our clients are top companies. We are proud to work for them. And they love us.
  4. We encourage innovation and even won a prestigious Belgian innovation award!
  5. We work hard. Play harder. And always celebrate success!
  6. You can work out in our in-house gym whenever you want. And our Managing Director will be happy to personally help you get the most out of it!
  7. We have a sunny, large roof terrace where we you can have lunch or take a break.
  1. Every Friday you can leave the office early. We know you have a life outside the office and are happy you can avoid traffic jams and get the weekend off to a great start!
  2. Our leadership team has an open-door policy and is always approachable!
  3. We embrace diversity and cherish our multi-generational workforce!
  4. If you bike or run to work there’s a nice, clean shower – and it’s not located in the basement of the building.
  5. Freedom of dress: we have no dress code and trust your judgment – as long as you wear something.
  6. You have your own individual space in a brightly designed open office environment and you can personalize it any way your like!
  7. Our field of expertise is one of the fastest growing HR trends.
  8. We offer variety and an appealing company purpose in a flat organization.
  9. Our clients are small, medium and large companies. From about 42 countries.
  10. Our business is a creative one.
  11. We have a ping pong table and are happy to teach you how to get better at the great game of table tennis!
  12. We value performance over years of service.
  13. We are agile, loath bureaucracy and take swift decisions.
  14. As learning organisation, we encourage improvement – both your personal as ideas for the business. We stimulate innovation ideas and offer resources for personal development.
  15. You get a discount for personal purchases from our Great Reward Catalogue.
  16. We have great team spirit and pitch in for each other.
  17. You can prepare your own lunch in a fully equipped kitchen.
  18. We offer an excellent commute: close to the highway, bus stop and city centre with railway station.
  19. Arteel shares its profits with the Vebes Association of Blind and Visually Impaired.